A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In life only two things are certain, taxes and tests. Unfortunately, K.A.R. 3 (aka Karen), has to deal with the latter of those things before she can be freed from her creator's laboratory, despite literaly being born yesterday. Watch as Karen tries to become a robot that can successfuly integrate into human society, WITHOUT trying to overrule it!

Written and Programmed by Jamison McLaughlin, co-written and produced by Benjamin Chiaro. Featuring audio from Jack Bueermann, assistant coding from Chris Gao, and art from Anna Salieva, Mariah Rosario, Cerise Velasquez and Jamison McLaughlin.

Install instructions

For both windows , download and extract everything in the file and run the file"Get_it_Right_The_First_Time.exe".

for mac unzip and run "Get_it_Right_The_First_Time"


Get_it_Right_The_First_Time-1.2-pc.zip 44 MB
Get_it_Right_The_First_Time-1.2-mac.zip 27 MB


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Oh man, this game is awesome. Played through the entire story, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The characters we interact with are fun and distinct, and I thought they were pretty consistent. The on-screen visual effects were great. This is a complete experience, and I really enjoyed it.

Admittedly, the introduction of the weapon and some of Jim's dialogue kind of point towards a creepier feeling, despite most of the story feeling bubbly and heartwarming. Admittedly, was expecting the story to take a dark turn, but was pleasantly surprised. Still, something to note.

Also, bit of a nitpick, this didn't affect the gameplay or my connection to the story or the characters at all, but I would have liked the art styles to be slightly more cohesive, though the distinct styles did lend themselves to the characters' personalities.

Phenomenal work everyone!